10 healthy 100 calorie snack ideas for grown ups

10 healthy 100 calorie snack ideas for grown ups
Carly Jacobs
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few months ago I wrote a post about How grown ups can pack healthy lunches to take to work. Since then, I’ve received heaps of emails asking for healthy snack ideas as well. One email bordered on being slightly psychotic, so in the interest of my own protection I thought I’d do a follow up post on healthy snacks. Now I know not everyone counts calories but I’ve included the break down of energy in each snack because I think it’s important for people to understand how much food they should be eating. I certainly don’t believe that everyone should be counting every morsel they eat and carting around a pair of kitchen scales to weigh every meal but I trust science and I think it’s important to be a little plugged into your calorie intake versus your calorie expenditure. If you don’t give a crap about your weight then these snacks are great for you too. They’re nutritious, quick, healthy and cheap, regardless of whether or not you’re trying to shrink your waistline.

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Boiled egg with mustard on a rice cake

P1030794Simply boil an egg, mash it up with a little bit of mustard and smear it on a rice cake. If you’re having your snack in your office, you can pre-mash your egg and pop it in a container to take to work.


  • Boiled egg – 61
  • Mustard – 6
  • Macro Rice cake – 23
  • Total calories – 90

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Hot Chocolate

P1030805There are heaps of different types of hot chocolate but I’m a fan of macro drinking chocolate. I steam the milk in the steamer that came with my coffee machine and stir in 2 teaspoons of powder for a lovely little afternoon chocolate hit.

  • 2 teaspoons of drinking chocolate – 55
  • 100mls steamed skim milk – 50
  • Total calories – 105

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Carrot and hommus

P1030810This one is an old classic but one that I always forget about. The great thing about carrots is that you can cut them up the night before and they still taste great the next day.


  • 1 tablespoon of skinny hommus – 80
  • 1 small carrot – 30
  • Total calories – 110

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Natural Yogurt

P1030792Natural yogurt is full of protein so it really fills you up and it’s perfect if you feel like a cool and refreshing afternoon snack. My favourite is plain Chobani. It’s really creamy and super filling. I also love Jalna and Paul’s yogurt and they have roughly the same amount of calories.

Total calories – 102

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Tuna on a rice cake

Tinned tuna is one of the most versatile and portable snacks. You can buy a packet of rice cakes and a couple of tins of tuna and store them at work. That way you’ll always have a healthy snack on hand so you won’t duck down to the vending machines.

  • Tin of tuna in brine – 70
  • macro Rice cake – 23
  • Spinach leaves – 5
  • Total calories – 98

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Celery and peanut butter

P1030813Celery and peanut butter is so delicious and filling, plus you get to sneak in an extra serve of greens into your daily intake. I always use macro peanut butter because it’s not filled with gunk like some other brands. I actually wrote a whole post about macro peanut butter because I’m a bit tragic about it.

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Mini Almond Milk Banana Smoothie

P1030832A full sized smoothie will be about 250 calories but if you cut the ingedients in half you can make a snack sized version. Simply blend 1/2 a serve of protein powder, 1/2 a banana and some almond milk in a blender with ice for a quick mini smoothie.

  • 1/2 banana – 40
  • 1 tablespoon of protein powder – 25
  • 1 cup almond milk – 40
  • Total calories – 105 calories

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Buy ready made packets or make your own for about 60 calories per cup. I like the mini macro packets because the cheese flavour is amazing.

Total calories – 60

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Apple with natural almonds

P1030838I get really annoyed when nutritionists say that 10 almonds is a good snack. 1o almonds is not a snack, it’s one mouthful. I do love almonds though so a perfect afternoon snack is 10 almonds with a small apple.

  • Small apple – 45
  • 10 almonds – 64
  • Total calories – 109

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Blueberries and ricotta on toast

P1030819Simply spread some low fat ricotta on toast and sprinkle with frozen blueberries. I don’t even let the blueberries defrost, I just munch them straight down while they’re frozen.


  • 1 tablespoon of low fat ricotta – 15
  • 1 handfull of frozen blueberries – 15
  • I slice of toast – 60
  • Total calories – 90

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The Best Emergency Snack Bars


I’m usually not a huge advocate of snack bars because they often have added sugar and nasty stuff but sometimes if you’re working late and you have to duck straight to an event or to a gym class and you’re going to  faint if you don’t have something in your stomach, then these are a few of the the best ones. I prefer raw food bars or protein based bars. I find nut based bars aren’t worth the calorie spend: they’re often about 350 calories when a raw food or protein bar is usually about 200. These are top favourites. Bounce Balls, macro Raw Food Bars, Aussie Bodies Protein Bars and macro Fruit Filled Bars. The little fruit filled bars have just 85 calories so they’re an excellent alternative to an afternoon chocolate biscuit.

Are you a snacker? What are some of your go to favourite snacks?

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  1. Mr and Mrs Romance 6 years ago

    I’m so glad you included peanut butter and celery. I love that snack. Also impressed with the range of snackage that is under 100 calories. Nice work Smaggs xx

    • Author
      Smaggle 6 years ago

      I love peanut butter and celery and I think people just forget about it as an awesome snack food. Thanks love!

  2. Erika 6 years ago

    I go full fat ricotta – I find I need less of it and I feel full longer. Possibly should calculate how many calories are in 7 heaped teaspoons of milo (afternoon tea!), but that might be a bit depressing, so I’ll skip that.

    But what I originally was going to say is that most health food shops will do you freshly ground peanut butter (some will even have other nuts as well!) – guaranteed all nuts and no nasties. And like properly made satay sauce, once you’ve had it, you’ll never ever want to have the mass produced stuff again. Also, if you want to get really obsessive about it, you can grow your own peanuts and whizz them in a blender or pound with mortar and pestle. Just saying 🙂

    • Author
      Smaggle 6 years ago

      Actually full fat ricotta isn’t that bad, it’s not like milk where full fat is twice the calories of half fat. I’m a huge nut butter snob. When we were in New York we’d go to Wholefoods and they had a butter bar where you just put fresh nuts in a grinder and you got fresh cashew, almond or peanut butter. Amazing.

  3. You have no idea how much I needed this post! I only put the call out yesterday on my FB page asking for healthy snack ideas! Thank you so much, pretty lady. x

    • Author
      Smaggle 6 years ago

      No worries at all! People often forget about good snack options so it’s good to get a reminder!

  4. Chelsea Sutherland 6 years ago

    Semi related, I really like the way you do sponsored posts. Totally related, I am going to have peanut butter on apple for morning tea now as I have no celery and am now wanting PB.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      Thank you so much, that’s such a lovely compliment. I try really hard to make them seamless and relevant so I really appreciate that. 🙂

  5. Julie @ meybestandi 5 years ago

    Love it – toast ricotta and blubes – defs getting bang for your calorie buck there! Total fan of celery and PB or AB. Am also partial to a cup of miso to keep munchies at bay


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