My latest obsession. Debbie Harry is one of those iconic people that are basically walking trademarks. Her feathery blonde hair, juicy glossed lips and shaggy fringe partially obstructing her icy blue eyes which are laden thickly with eye liner and mascara. She is a bad-ass rocker chick with an attitude to match and she gives off the appearance that she doesn’t give a toss about fashion. But we all know she does. And I am sure a few of us have been wearing tributes to her style with out even knowing it…


She clearly invented the vintage t-shirt look before they were even vintage.


Could this be where the new stud trend has came from? D&G have a frighteningly similar belt in their recent collection.


Smoky eyes and tousled hair. Perfect.


Remember all the ‘top-deck’ hair colours walking around 4 years ago? Blame Miss Harry.

A few fashiony tips for those Deb-heads out there…

* Either over accessorise or under accessorise - Deb is either seen with massive earrings, bangles and chains or she is seen wearing nothing at all. How terrible chick of her.

* Wear clothes too big or too small -This lady of contradiction will wear a massive t-shirt one day and a tiny crop top the next. Be unpredictable. It’s fabulous.

* Show off your shoulders -If you’re going for the over-sized look make your t-shirt big enough so it slips down off your shoulder to reveal some sexy shoulder. If you’re going for the fitted look make it strapless or one-shouldered. It’s all about the decolatage my little Deb-ettes.

* Have super shaggy hair -And dye it a funky colour while you’re at it. Make sure it hangs in your eyes a little so you can stare with contempt and disdain though the fringe. And toss it out of your eyes with a flick of your head.

* Smoky eyes with electric blue accents - Why oh why did blue eyeshadow ever go out of style? When did blue eyed beauties decide that taupe eyeshadow made their eyes bluer than cobalt eyeliner? Go dark blue or navy with some lighter, brighter blue blended in. Don’t forget to line the whole shebang with the blackest of eyeliner. So very Harry right now.