Here is the much anticipated fourth installment of the How to Dress Well Series. I’m not going to pretend like I know what I am talking about I’m just going to offer some tips that I have come up with based on observation and I will also provide inspiration and tributes to well dressed ladies in their 50′s.  

Here are a few things you should consider doing if you are heading towards ‘older lady’ territory…

 * Review your make-up application - If you have been wearing the same make-up for 20 years it’s probably time for a freshen up. Go to a make-up counter at a department store and have someone match your foundation for you. Trinny and Susannah say that in your 50′s you should look like you are wearing less make-up but that it should take twice as long to apply. Simply put – take your time with application and make your look natural.

* Get the ‘mum’ cut- A very dear friend of mine uses the term ‘mum cut’ to describe those short and sensible haircuts that most mums seem to sport. Short hair is SO FLATTERING on older ladies. I especially love women that have short, choppy grey hair. I think it’s so spectacular when women embrace their grayness. If you are feeling really saucy get a Cruella DeVille streak through the front of your hair. I am so doing that when I turn 50…

* Don’t give up - Don’t ever think that you aren’t worth it. Make the effort. Put on some sparkly earrings or some gorgeous lipstick. Don’t think of getting dressed as a chore. Think of it as something that makes you feel good and something that will complete your day. Make the ritual of getting dressed beautifully as habitual as brushing your teeth or having shower. It’s always worth the effort. Always.

* Channel an inspirational lady - Think of beautiful, well-dressed women in your age group. Who inspires you? Jenny Kee? Margaret Pomeranz? Helen Mirren? Kathryn Hepburn? Break down the basics of their look and see what you can steal! Adapt their ideas to your own body shape and skin tone and away you go!




Helen Mirren…

* Wears neutrals and pastels that flatter her skin tone and make her sparkle.

* Keeps accessories minimal and delicate.

* Has groomed hair and nails and wears beautiful makeup.

* Covers what she should cover and shows off what she should flaunt.



Margaret Pomeranz…

* Wears flattering pants and fitted jackets that suit her figure.

* Has a perfectly styled haircut in a colour that flatters her skin.

* Makes a statement with beautiful and artistic jewellery.

* Wears funky shoes with a sensible heel.


Lee Lin Chin

* Rocks a funky haircut.

* Wears her glasses as a statement and experiments with different frames.

* Knows how amazing she looks in red.


This stunner is from The Sartorialist and doesn’t she look incredible? Short, choppy, grey haircut? Check! Beautiful and elegant neutrals? Check! Artistic and statement making accessories? Check! Subtle and age appropriate make-up? Check!

Just remember to always dress for yourself. Never for anybody else. Wear what you love and wear it with pride. Experiment with different looks. Learn from your mistakes. And make an effort!

Love Lady Smaggle