The Perfect Travel Companion

When my play finished last week Daddy Smaggle said ‘Shit. Here comes the bloody craft mess.’ And the poor bastard was entirely correct. When I’m not rehearsing for a play I craft like an old lady. I think I have A.D.H.D and I just can’t sit still. Anyway, a few weeks ago I bought the book Sock and Glove which shows you how to make little animals out of socks and gloves. It is the cutest book in the world. I know Mr Smaggle has an unhealthy obsession with monkeys so with my newly aquired free time I decided to make him a Travel Monkey to keep him company on his business trips overseas. He took about 2 nights to make but only because I kept screwing it up and having to redo it. Normal people who can follow simple instructions should be able to make him in 1 night. Travel Monkey is a ninja and wears Japanese floral fighting pants. And although he is very busy taking care of Mr Smaggle, Travel Monkey managed to write me an email this morning. He arrived safely in San Francisco this morning and has settled into his hotel. He even sent me a photo.


He told me he is going to visit the Golden Gate bridge. I hope he’ll take a photo…

Love Lady Smaggle


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  1. Natasha 8 years ago

    how adorable! well done on the monkey. And I certainly identify with screwing up even simple directions.

  2. Kerrin 8 years ago

    That monkey is adorable – and very thoughtful to send you photos…

  3. Lady Smaggle 8 years ago

    Natasha – It was tough going there for a while because kept sewing him inside out. I did the tail like three times! But it all turned out okay in the end.

    Kerrin – It was very thoughtful him. He may be a ninja but he is a very kind monkey.

  4. Hailey 8 years ago

    aww, you guys are very sweet to eachother 😉

  5. Lady Smaggle 8 years ago

    Hailey – Mr Smaggle likes to humour me… it’s very sweet that he puts up with a lot of my girly crap! 🙂


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