Starting from now I’m going to stop saying that ‘I’m not much of a runway girl.’ It’s clearly a lie considering how long I spend on and how often I try to scab looks from designer shows. Anna Sui’s Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear collection is STUNNING! Damn I love that girl…






Is anyone as excited as I am about the resurgence of PATTERNED TIGHTS? When I was about ten years old my auntie Janice gave me three pairs of patterned tights for my birthday. I had a mulit-coloured tye-died pair, a black pair with daisies all over them (my favourite) and an awesome black pair with spider webs on them. I literally wore them to death. In fact I believe that I wore the daisies underneath denim shorts. The coolness of me is astounding sometimes…


And remember about a week ago when I said that Princess Leia buns were a cute thing to wear? What about a Princess Leia head band? How elfin and other-worldly is this girl? I just want to fly to Saturn and frolic with her in a purple meadow and ride unicorns…

I’m off to find me some patterned tights! I really really really want some red and blue Japanese print ones to go with my bangles… wish me luck!

Love Lady Smaggle