Evening wear in black and white – Elie Saab

I had a quiet day yesterday so at lunch time I decided to Facebook stalk some of my friends and click on THEIR friends who don’t have private profiles. Don’t act all shocked and like it’s a violation of their privacy. Anyone with a public Facebook profile is promoting the act of stalking if you ask me. Anyway 90% of everyone’s photos were made up of formal pics and 21st celebrations. After flicking through one too many pictures of orange girls in generic sparkly gowns I’ve realised that most evening wear is hideous. Plain, strapless dresses that don’t fit correctly and are decorated with some kind of lame ruching and sparkle. There is usually a colour theme as well. At my formal it was blue and green with silver accessories or a plain black dress with red accessories. Yawn. I’ve decided that I’m too young to be out of the formal game so I’m going to hang around on the senior lawns of some local boys schools and try to get a cute 18 year old to ask me to be his date. Or else I’ll just bully one of my younger cousins into taking me. Either way I’m going to need a reason to wear one of Eli Saab’s black and white cinematic formal gowns…

This collection reminds of Eliza Doolittle’s ascot dress… it might be a little bit much for a summer school formal but I would still consider it. Although I might want a bigger hat…

Love Lady Smaggle


Photos from Style.com


Carly is the founding editor of Smaggle which launched in 2007 back when blogging was weird. She has appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Cosmopolitan and Cleo magazines. Hoop earrings are totally her thing and she almost got run over by Myf Warhurst while out jogging one day.


  1. Ivy 8 years ago

    Haha, you facebook stalk too?! Well, now I dont feel so bad 😛

    I really like that second dress. Although I can imagine it’d make me look 10 times bigger than I already am. Still, it’s pretty eye candy and a HELL of a look better than the standard formal dress 🙂

  2. kaydee 8 years ago

    Those gowns are gorgeous! I’m particularly loving the third one -though the fourth is more realistic for me 🙁

  3. E 8 years ago

    I love number 3 – but I can’t quite shake the fact that the colour block on the bodice looks like 2 large, stategically placed post-it notes ….

  4. Nadist 8 years ago

    My Fair Lady is definitely one of my Top Frock Movies of All Time. I used to teach high school and I’d go to the senior ball in wild outrageous 1960s op-shop gowns with huge sleeves. I’ve still got the hot-pink metallic one, come to think of it. Somewhere.

  5. Imelda Matt 8 years ago

    Should I keep my eye’s peeled for headlines screaming ‘Smutty Smuggle’ or watch out for you on ACA / TT ? Who wouldn’t want to hit the formal circuit in an Eli Saab!

  6. Sal 8 years ago

    Excellent choices! Though your good taste might be lost on the crowds. Let me borrow the gown in the first photo?

  7. susie_bubble 8 years ago

    The black and white is quite strikingly used…not usually an Ellie Saab fan…

  8. Annie Spandex 8 years ago

    I love how unique and graphic those are! I would pick #3.

  9. Lauren 8 years ago

    I’m just reactivated my facebook account and I still feel a little bit sick about it.

    Formal dresses are also gross/too tight/too loose/too sparkly or just plain unimaginative. The last Elie Saab dress in particular floats my boat.

  10. Lady Smaggle 8 years ago

    Ivy – Please. It’s my number 1 lunchtime activity.

    Kaydee – I love the tiered one. Would only look good a teeny tiny model though…

    E – Oh wow it does too!

    Nadist – Oh that sounds… interesting. My dress was red with purple stripes down the sides with pockets. It was awesome.

    Imelda Matt – Look I’m bound to be defamed by my grottiness at some point. I’ll remember that you predicted it first!

    Sal – Yeah… the class-less 17 year olds would be wondering where my tiara was.

    Susie_Bubble – Yeah me neither. The rest of the collection was a little… modern.

    Annie – I’m really needing one of them actually.

    Lauren – I know I waste so much time on facebook because I’m scared I’ll miss something otherwise.

  11. MizzJ 8 years ago

    Love Elie Saab, her evening wear is always so elegant, and these while being more graphic and youthful are just as elegant. I absolutely love #3, although I am nowhere near tall enough to pull of a dress of that volume. haha yes sparkles can be evil! For my high school grad, I avoided them altogether by wearing a simple one-shoulder satin scarlet sheath. Classy, I think so 😉

  12. choubelle 8 years ago

    not much to say except that I am completely in love with this collection!!! No matter how hard I try I can never be a boho kind of girl. Bold prints are where its at for me!

  13. Lady Smaggle 8 years ago

    MizzJ – The simple ones always stood at my formal. None of this glitter and sparkle crap.

    Choubelle – how very 60’s of you!

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