On Monday 29th December Mr Smaggle and I are packing our little (eh-hem!) bags and heading off on a two week holiday to gorgeous New Zealand!

We start our trip in Auckland (I’ll be wandering around there for three days so keep your eyes peeled and come and say hi! My relaxed face is naturally quite bitchy but I promise I won’t bite!) and are there for New Year’s Eve and then we pick up our big old camper van and start driving South!

My question to you dear ladies and gentlemen is this – What is the poo of New Zealand? The really awesome stuff that you would only know about if you lived there? Is there a man with a beard of bees? A maze that’s filled with chocolate and bunny rabbits? A gin factory with free samples? An adult sized pool of toy balls? Adventure and animal related activity suggestions would be most appreciated. Art and shopping too! And architecture… Just to keep both of us Smaggles happy!

Oh and is there a place where you can pat monkeys or similarly adorable bite-sized creatures? I get that I’m going to New Zealand, not Bali, but Mr Smaggle loves tiny, fluffy animals and I’d hate to miss any baby petting zoos that he could frolick around in… that was a serious question by the way.

I’ve also had several offers from my delightful readers suggesting a catch up! I would love to… BUT as we have no defining plan it might be a little difficult to arrange so far in advance. So I propose that if you’re in New Zealand and would like to meet just email me at lady(at)smagglestyle.com with your location and I’ll see if we end up in the same place at the same time!

Please feel free to email any suggestions as well! Thanks in advance my little fancy dancers!

Love Lady Smaggle