* Spilled an entire soy iced latte on the floor of Fossil, the watch store in the Canberra Centre. Nothing in particular happened. I didn’t trip, lose my grip or knock it over. I just… stopped holding it. Loser.

* Trying out the new Wii Fit program I entered a phantom piece of sponge cake into my calorie log that I never actually ate, I just wanted to test the calorie counting gauge. The stupid thing is that it is still entered in there as 380 calories that I’m supposed to burn off everyday and I CAN’T STOP UNTIL I’VE DONE IT. I haven’t even eaten the bloody thing but I keep forgetting to delete it and by the time I’ve started my work out… well… I’m committed. Type A personality at it’s worst.

* Substituted egg for tahini when making vegan zucchini fritters. They are not even in the same realm of food. I don’t know what I was thinking.

* Not using insect repellent on New Year’s Eve. I’m a walking itch machine.

* Applying sunscreen approximately one second before getting into the ocean. Cue one hour of squinty eyed swimming.

What about you lover? Anything stoopid you’ve done this week and would like to share?

Love Lady Smaggle