Spent the morning chatting to Mamma Smaggle on the phone, eating pineapple, designing jewels and sprawling on my bed reading magazines. I spent the afternoon with my best gal drinking coffee, shopping and eating dinner at our favourite restaurant. Utterly delicious day.

* Dress from Metalicus – Best purchase. Ever.
* Cardigan from Supre
* Waist tie from a different Metalicus dress
* My old ballet tights from when I was fifteen. God only knows why I kept them but they are totally my new winter tights colour. Perfect with this seasons nude tones.
* Nude flats from Trennery
* Coin necklace from Poppy Smaggle
* Earrings by Bouvier from Bijoux

And thank you all so much for your amazing responses to my last Can I get a Consensus – Are You Self Conscious About Your Height post. A number of you have commented that 5’8 isn’t unusually tall and you’re totally right. What I meant was that at 5’8 I’m unusually tall around my 5’6 friends. I’m also so pleased to hear that most people don’t really care about their height and wear heels as they please or for a specific event. Also, for the record, I don’t walk around everyday feeling like a giant. It’s more when I see myself in photos where all my friend’s heads are in line with my breasts that I realise how much taller I am than them. Especially with my love of heels! I also loved the comment from Jay about how she feels sexy when she’s slightly taller than a man… I agree!

Love Lady Smaggle