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I watched a DVD recently and the married female lead kissed her ex-boyfriend while on a holiday away from her husband. Then she cried, called her husband to admit her indiscretion, he strung her along for a little while and then forgave her. Cue extravagant gift buying and soppy sentiment swapping.

I thought it was rather interesting how easily all was forgiven. Kissing is such a grey area of being unfaithful and the outcome of such an event can really swing either way. Don’t get me wrong… I only have lips for Mr Smaggle… but what I am saying is that, under some circumstances, a kiss can be an accident. Sex is sex. There’s no two ways about it but a kiss… it’s so open to interpretation.

My question to you is… could you forgive a kiss? Is it worse if it’s an ex-boyfriend? Have you forgiven a kiss? Have you had a sneaky kiss and not told your partner? Do you think kissing counts as cheating?

I can’t WAIT to hear your responses!

Love Lady Smaggle