Cuba Gallery: Vintage car


Why don’t you…?

* Keep a pair of vintage gloves in your glovebox? Wear them every day? To save your hands from the ageing sun?

* Wear scarves tied around your head in summer? With the window down?

* Get crafty with your car seats? Dye them? Embroidery? Make some from scratch in Marrimeko fabric?

* Keep Evian face spray in your car? For those flustered moments in traffic?

* Sprinkle vanilla oil under your car seats?

* Keep a supply of mints? And an emergency lip gloss?

* Use house paint to stencil a design on the side of your car? Pink fleurdelis? Art deco grey? Perhaps a creamy scroll design?

* If you’re a lad have a jaunty driving cap? With a matching scarf?

Happy driving!