Today was spent writing, designing and (thinking) about packing for my trip to Canberra.

* Jeans from Jag (I just had one of my favourite readers Nadist comment on how much she loves my devotion to dresses and skirts and I’ve worn jeans twice this week! For shame.)

* Dress thrifted from Salvos (at least I wore a dress with the jeans both times!)

* Scarf Smaggle Made

* Nude flats from Trennery

* Cardigan from Valley Girl

* Waist tie from Metalicus dress

* Earrings by Marco Gianni at Bijoux

And thank you to everyone who replied to my Can I Get a Consensus? What do you like about Smaggle? post. I’m just about to reply. Also don’t forget the Smaggle Shop is only open until Friday. Get in quick!

I’m off to have dinner with friends and a well deserved glass of cab sav…

Have a beautiful evening! What are your plans?