The LMFF Menswear Runway was by far my favourite show of the season. I don’t know whether it was the excitement of my first show of the year, the rad dancers that bookended each collection or the fact that I was sitting directly opposite Josh Thomas, Alex Perry and Melissa George. I had a major Angel from Home and Away fixation when I was in primary school and I literally started eating Vegemite because I saw Angel eat it once. True story. She is stunning, and lovely and lively. It made my night… or possibly ruined it because I spent most of the evening staring at her. Anyway, on to the fashion!


Loving the monochrome base with geometric patterned breaks in the design. I love their playful twist on the argyle sweater.

Arthur Galan

This was one of the labels that really raised my eyebrows. I’ve never seen pants tucked into boots look so damn sexy. I’m also fond of the giant circular scarf and the return of the chino. More young men should wear chinos.


This label was also a huge favourite of mine. It felt very French with boat necked striped t-shirts and their subtle use of navy. Any of their coats would be divine on Mr Smaggle. Oh and what’s this? Shoes and no socks? I have a feeling someone wrote about this recently


While I applaud the concept of boots over pants I feel that Campaign’s effort is unflattering and inferior to Arthur Galan’s collection. Having said that there was some excellent outer wear happening with tailored coats and more relaxed jackets.


I would love to write about Farage with unbiased eyes but nothing undoes me more than skinny boys in suits. It’s my major weakness. Putting my lust aside though, the dark blue pinstripe is gorgeous and paring it with brown dress shoes was genius.

From Britten

I really liked this collection with its quirky twists on standard items, like the wrap suit jacket and the dress pants tucked into socks. Rollnecks on men are exquisite and I’m pleased to see them making a return.

Three Over One

This one copped some bad talk at the bar after the show but I thought it was quite fresh and cheeky. What’s not to love about dessert boots, rope belts and navy?

Vanishing Elephant

Sadly V.E did not get my vote this year. I thought the cut of their pants was unflattering and the whole collection felt like it was lifted straight from an indie-film hipster.

I also got to see the beautiful Helena Christensen walk. The fash pack were beside themselves before the show about seeing her and I was confused as to why it’s so amazing to see a person walk. Isn’t it about the fashion? Well my friends I was proven wrong. I didn’t realise that a person could be so good at that. She was simply and bizarrely breathtaking.

How did you feel about Menswear this year? If you are a guy, would you wear any of these ensembles? Ladies? Could you see your man in anything from Menswear?

Images from Lucas Dawson

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