Yesterday, Mr Smaggle and I found ourselves awake at 8.30am on a Sunday  so after a quick karaoke session of John Farnham’s ‘You’re the Voice’ in the shower we dashed out of the house and were settled at a 9.30am session before we knew it.

I’m a total people watcher (voyeur) and I noticed that there were at least five women who were at the movies alone. This fascinates me for two reasons.

a) I think it’s really weird when people see movies alone.

b) I think it’s even weirder that I think this because movies are easily the least social activity that any gathering of people could undertake.

You basically sit in silence next to each other for two hours so it makes perfect sense to go alone. Yet at the age of 27 I have never seen a movie alone. I have also never eaten in a restaurant alone. I don’t mean grabbing a bite in a food court I mean eating in a proper restaurant with menus where you can’t really read a book or play on your phone. I have so much admiration for people but excluding isolated solo overseas travel incidences it’s unlikely that I will ever see a movie without a buddy.

My question to you is… would you see a movie alone? Or eat in a restaurant alone? Or have you already?

I might just set a little goal this year to take myself on a solo lady date – the question is would I like dinner or a movie? Or both?




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