* 60% of Smaggle survey contributors have never had a Brazilian wax

* Most of the women who HAVE had a Brazilian are in their 30s

* 45% of participating readers have only ever had one Brazilian wax ever

* 40% of readers said that they would have them more regularly if money wasn’t an issue

* 20% said that they had Brazilian waxes because their friends did. Although this isn’t published in the graph, 90% of those who were influenced by friends were in their 20s

So I conclude that my hypotheses, that younger women across the board are more into Brazilian waxes than their slightly older friends has been proven completely inaccurate. I love that.

Thank you so much to the 123 people who contributed to the survey. The response was truly outstanding.

We are running another survey this week Have You Ever Stolen Something? which has been live for only 24 hours and already has 190 responses. Please take a quick peak and participate in the survey. I think we can reach 300 responses by Friday!

May I ask… are you guys enjoying the survey and response posts? The participation so far has been magical, but I’d love to get some written feedback. I’d hate to be quietly boring you to death.

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