Here are a few things that I actually paid attention to this week. I’m just so Gen Y like that.

I cannot tell if these are kitsch or stunning. Help?

‘Worrying does not change outcomes’
. My man says this to me several times a week but for some reason it really resonates coming from Seth Godin.

Another awesome DIY from Design Sponge, the branch handle tote bag. I’ll never, ever make one but I’ll frequently look at the instructions and pretend like I’m going to.

I know I’ve been talking about Ms Romance all bloody week but seriously visit her site.

Madame Bipolar’s article ‘You Haven’t Changed Except For Your Issues’ is every kind of awesome. As is Madame Bipolar.

Oh She Glows makes me want to be vegan. For about as long as it takes for me to eat this, anyway.