Buy yourself diamonds? A teeny pair of studs? A decadent tennis bracelet? A rough cut stone set in platinum? Propose to yourself?

Keep delicious hand cream in your bathroom? Moisturise every time you wash your hands?

Make yourself an extraodinary sandwich? With turkey? Cheese? Avocado? Pickles? Anything your heart desires?

Keep a fish tank? Like when you were a little kid?

Complete the Sunday paper crossword? 

Wear a giant sun hat with a sweeping brim? Every single time you go out doors?

Share a shower with your lover? Have a chat while you wash your hair?

Apply your lipstick with an old fashioned lip brush? For fun?

Buy the most beautiful cupcake in the world? Peel back the wrapper and take a giant bite in the street?

Write your friend a postcard? Pop it under the wind screen wiper of their car so they’ll be delighted after work?

Eat your breakfast in bed? Make yourself a delightful plate of jam on toast and snuggle under the blankets to enjoy?