spaceball.gifThis is the time of year when you will get photographed continuously. It’s also the time of year when most of us are sporting extra podge and/or sunburn. Here are a few tips that I like to keep in mind around those sneaky Chrissy morning snappers.

* Always pose. There’s nothing worse than a picture of you all hunch backed and double chinned, glugging back a cocktail with your eyes half-shut. Just be aware of cameras and simply sit up straight and smile, to avoid those photos that make you want to have your face amputated in the New Year.

* Practice your smile. I find that a huge, majorly fake smile looks the most natural on camera. It sounds stupid and I guarantee you will feel like a right arse but it works. If you look like you’re having the best time of your life no one will notice your double chin. Your dazzling smile says it all.

* For full body shots always raise your arms a little off your body. Even the slimmest of women can benefit from the Hollywood pose. One hand on hip, body twisted to the side, other arm hidden. Best way to avoid that pool-of-arm situation when your bicep is flattened against your body.

* For the family shot, always stand to the back so everyone at the front will hide you. But if your family is anything like mine they will all be scrambling for the covetable back spots. If you are one of the youngest, you will probably be forced to sit on the floor, cross-legged, which is the most universally unflattering position. The solution to this problem is to grab the nearest child (cousins are ideal) and plonk them on your lap. A decent sized toddler will cover a multitude of sins. Best case scenario is always a back row Hollywood pose though.

* Sunglasses are fantastic. I always wear sunglasses and I am usually horrified when I see photos of myself sans sunnies with all that face hanging out everywhere. Give this one a try but be warned that grandparents are usually on risky behaviour watch.

* Pose to the side. Side poses are usually the most flattering and if you sort of half hide your body behind the person standing next you, you will look tiny. You need to do this with someone who doesn’t know what you are doing though. My mother and I tousle for ages trying to shove each other to the front until we just give up and hide ourselves behind some other oblivious victim.

* Don’t slouch. Seriously, don’t.

All photos are from the Christmas section of Awkward Family Photos. My brother and I are rather renowned for ruining Christmas photos but this lot wipe the floor with us. And that includes the photos from the Christmas that we both got stung by bees and our faces swelled up to the point that my mother had to explain to shop keepers for a week that she didn’t beat us up.