I know we are mid-way through March already this year but I feel like this is the month when the year really starts. Let’s face it, January is a bullshit month it’s all talk and no action. The holiday parties are over now poppets, so there’s no excuse for not getting back into your health routine. Here are a few tips to get you kick started.

Time for some fitness


Write down everything you eat

Okay I know this sounds like eating disorder territory but trust me it works. Use an online service to figure out how many calories you should be consuming in a day (based on your weight and activity levels) and start adding up what you are eating. Including wine. I mean it. Calorie King is fantastic for Australians because it has all our food brands and you can look up something like ‘apples’ without having to scroll through ten thousand kinds of apple pie/treat/snack/candy unlike some other online services in other unnamed countries*. It sounds a little manic but I think we all need a gentle reminder every now and then how much food we should be consuming and compare it to how much food we are consuming.

Food diary


Rock out when you work out

Load up your iPod with several different playlists to motivate you while you exercise. I need entertainment at the gym like I need oxygen to live. I’ve been known to abandon a session five minutes in because my headphones broke. True story. Another cheeky thing I’ve been doing lately is watching trashy TV shows on my iPad, while jogging on the treadmill. Two episodes of your favourite comedy will give you a 40 minute workout. It’s practically criminal.

Whilst at gym


Mix it up

Don’t just stick to the gym. Get out into the fresh air and go for a run. Meet a girlfriend for a swim and spa session. Go for a really long walk. Play a team sport. Go dancing at a club. Just move.

Major gym procrastination.

Dress like Lara Croft

I wear a lot of black when I exercise. Not because it’s flattering but because it’s tough. Would Angelina wear baggy grey tracksuit pants and a Nirvana t-shirt to the gym? I don’t think so. It’s all about black Lycra. The tighter the better. And do pretend that your training for the invasion of an ancient Egyptian tomb. Imagine your whole workout as a movie montage. It will make the time fly by. I promise.

Nike designers are awesome


Get over it

Obviously there is no way that you can never eat chocolate or bread again. That’s just stupid. All I’m asking is that you own it. If you eat a whole block of chocolate (we’ve all done it!) just deal with it and eat well for the next week. Also exercise hurts. And it’s boring. It’s also extremely necessary. It’s 45mins out of your WHOLE DAY and it makes you look and feel amazing. I understand the issues that people have (believe me, I have them too) but just do it. It’s like cleaning the bathroom. Or paying your car insurance. Bad things happen if you ignore them.



But also relax…

Honestly it’s SO BORING watching your weight all the time. Be realistic and flexible. Eat well most of the time and track it in your diary but if your man brings you home an ice cream treat for the pair of you to share just enjoy it love! If you’re going to indulge in a cheeky wine night with your ladies savour every mouthful and maybe skip dessert.

Wine, Cheese, Berries, Chocolate

* Yes USA. I’m talking about you.

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