Hello muffins. Quick update. I’ve been nominated as a Kidspot and Ford Top 50 Blogger for 2012. Mental right? Two weeks ago I was flown to Sydney for the fancy launch party where the mummy bloggers nearly killed me with cocktails and champagne. It was rad.

In order for me to win a trip to New York for the BlogHer conference in August, I have to publish a post outlining my blogging journey and talking about all the things that set me apart from other bloggers. Awk-WARD!  I decided to go all vlog on this project. Enjoy, but be warned. This video contains a jelly snake and some serious tongue action.

Thanks for watching my video and don’t forget to vote for me here.  My travel commentary has proven to be quite popular in the past and I promise to deliver even more weird American tidbits if I win. There’s also copious amounts of Diet Snapple and Tasti-D-Lite to be consumed.

You can also comment on my mad tonguing skills on twitter and facebook if you like.