Living in Melbourne, Fitzroy to be exact, you can’t walk more than 50 metres without stumbling across a hipster cafe with milk crates out the front, baskets of fresh eggs in the kitchen, impossibly beautiful baristas and brown paper wrapped muffins that can only be described as rustic. I swear muffins taste so much better if they look like they were baked on a farm. Here’s a quick and easy DIY to help you make your own muffin liners from cheap brown paper. This DIY is for Texas muffin tins but you can modify the measurements for smaller muffin tins.

What You Need

Brown paper




What You Do

1. Measure out six 20cm by 20cm squares on the paper and cut them cut out.

2. Place a piece of paper in each of the muffin cups and roughly press the paper into the cups with your fingers. Don’t stress if they don’t stay in the cups, they will once you put the batter in them!

3. Spray each cup with a little olive oil spray before putting your batter in and bake as normal.

The man has developed a rather intense liking for ‘rustic muffins‘ and requests them weekly. He doesn’t really give a crap what’s in them as long as they’re big and brown paper wrapped they meet his ‘rustic’ criteria. 

Don’t you just want to bake these and put them in a basket with homemade preserves? Red Riding Hood and shit.