As I get older I’m finding that I’m getting less and less tolerant of the jangle of my accessories. I nearly ripped my earlobe off the other day after my earring got caught on my scarf for 5th time in ten minutes. I love jewellery and I buy beautiful and timeless pieces but I’m definitely not a casual accessory wearer. I take off all my outfit extras the second I get home and dump them in various locations around my house. I can’t wear earrings and watch TV at the same time. They just aren’t compatible activities for me. 

This Neck Lushie from Brooklyn Commons is the freaking perfect accessory for me, especially for winter. It tucks beautifully under jackets and doesn’t crash down on my keyboard when I’m writing. It’s also really light so I don’t feel the need to rip it off the second I get home as I do with all of my other necklaces. The perfect outfit decoration for irritable gals like me. 

I was wondering though, how many of you are bothered by your accessories? There’s a girl at my gym who jogs (in a very serious way) wearing piles of jewellery just jangling around while she works out. Honestly, it drives me spare watching her giant beaded earrings bang awkwardly against her neck. I’m like ‘Can’t you FEEL THAT? IS IT NOT ANNOYING THE SHIT OUT OF YOU????? The Smaggle Sydney correspondent is exactly the same and has been known to hop into bed wearing a black tie event’s worth of jewels and not even realise it until the next morning. Bizarre.

How do you feel about accessories? Does your level of irritability factor in at all? Can you sleep wearing jewellery? Or exercise?

Disclaimer – Neck Lushie was provided by Brooklyn Commons for editorial consideration.