I must apologise for my lack of written posts recently. This week has slammed me in a major way, thus rendering me completely incapable of doing anything except for swimming up a metaphorical stream like a salmon whacked on speed, falling into bed, not being able to sleep and then spending all night filling theoretical shopping carts on Net-A-Porter. HOWEVER… I’m not writing this to play the ‘NO ONE understands how BUSY I am!‘ game, that no one ever wins. Can I just assume we’re all tired, over-worked and in need of a holiday? Good. Let’s continue.

I have a friend. A very close friend. For the purpose of this article I’ll call her Sfliss because that’s what she thinks her name is after 4 glasses of Sauv Blanc. So Sfliss has this marvelously dramatic saying that she flings about whenever she’s feeling less than fresh. She’ll throw herself down on the couch in her ugg-boots and trackies and declare with utmost desperation I just feel… (pause for effect)… HAGGARD! Haggard by time!‘.

That’s exactly how I feel right now. Haggard by time. Objectively I probably don’t look any different to the public than I did last week when I was clocking 8 hours of sleep per night but I can notice a whopping difference in my face. I don’t have that fresh glow and my skin looks kind of grey. Like badly poached chicken. This evening I went into a weird frenzy with my face and thought I’d share with you a few bits and pieces that have been rocking my beauty boat and making me appear semi-alive for public outings.

Nivea Stay Clear Purifying Toner

RRP – about $9.

I used to use toner when I was a teenager for no other reason than because Dolly magazine told me to. Some time in the last ten or so years I forgot about the existence of toner all together, until I read Zoe Foster’s Amazing Face and she reminded me that I should in fact be using toner. Why? Extra cleansing capabilities! Have you ever swiped a toner soaked make-up pad over freshly cleansed skin? It’s like one of those toilet bacteria commercials – there’s a world of grime you didn’t even know was there. I feel like it tightens everything in a convenient little non-surgical, at-home face lift. Love it.

Dermalogica Skin Refining Masque

RRP – about $70

I love to tighten my skin and then moisturise the shit out of it. I’m masochistic like that. I used to use a Ten-O-Six clay mask years ago but I haven’t seen it in stores for ages. This Dermalogica one is a rather beautiful and more grown-up replacement. It tightens, smoothes and sends pimples whimpering back to where they came from. It’s also does wonders for a slightly shiny forehead. 

Santorini Sun Nature’s Facelift Oil

RRP – about $30

Once I figured out what serums were, about a year ago, I have not gone to bed without using some kind of treatment on my skin. This is the first oil treatment I’ve used and I’m converted. It soaks in deep while I’m sleeping and is really hydrating. Don’t use this during the day though - sun and oiled skin is not a good combo. Note: I find this product particularly effective when applied drunk. It eases that hung over ‘pickled’ skin feeling the next morning. Just FYI.

I also have a veritable BEVY of make-up products that combat that undead look that we all sport from time to time. I’ll cover them next week. Until then…

Tell me… do you have products that lift you up when you’re feeling haggard by time?

Dermalogica and Santorini products were kindly sent to me for editorial consideration and the toner was purchased with my weekly groceries at Coles.