Have a Mouse Salad for dinner? Fill your plate with tiny bite sized morsels? Delicate carrot sticks? A small handful of natural almonds? A boiled egg?

Drive to another town this weekend? Have lunch? Visit a gallery?

Wear lipstick today? Re-apply religiously every hour?

Lie upside on your couch with your legs in the air? Watch the television from a topsy-turvy angle like when you were a kid?

Drink a beverage with a straw?

Exfoliate your body from head to toe? Slather yourself in refreshing tea tree body lotion? Hop into bed naked for a tingly nights sleep?

Why don’t you leave a loved book on a park bench? With a note explaining that you wish it to be passed on and on?

Play a grown-up sport for your weekly exercise? Golf? Tennis? Dress in natty little tennis whites or white golfing knickerbockers.

Grab some chalk and a friend and spend an afternoon making art on the street?

Buy a work mate their favorite coffee? And a cookie? Just because?

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