Go on an excursion? Go to a museum? An art gallery? An historic monument? Visit the gift shop and buy a tacky souvenir?

Buy  yourself a beautiful bottle of wine? For a treat?

Have an old fashioned rubber stamp made of your name and address? Stamp your return address on parcels instead of writing it?

Re-read your favourite childhood books? Little Women? Trixie Belden? The Fabulous Five?

Keep a travel sized bottle of your signature scent in your handbag? Re-apply during the day? Leave wafts of beautiful fragrance every where you go?

Make a habit of taking a hostess gift when you’re invited for dinner in someones home? A block of boutique soap? A bottle of fancy room spray? A set of thank you notelets?

Make old fashioned hamburgers for dinner? Mince patties? Beetroot? A fried egg?

Make a nest of pillows and blankets in your lounge room? Spend the evening watching films? With cups of tea? Fruit? Chocolate? Wear your smartest PJs?

Doodle the name of your lover or crush? Betty Gosling… Mrs Betty Gosling… Mrs B. Gosling…?

Get away from your computer right now? Go for a walk? Get a coffee? Window shop? Be outside? Just be?

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