Carry a tiny zippered case in your handbag with essentials to use every three hours through out the day? Lipstick? Sunscreen? Cuticle cream?

Get up early on a weekday and get takeaway coffees before you get ready for work? Bring them home to your housemate/parents/lover? Buy fresh bakery muffins and pastries for a cheeky breakfast treat?

Grab a six-pack of cider or beer and sit in the park with a friend on a picnic blanket? Straight after work? Be home in time for dinner?

Steal your boyfriend’s wardrobe? Crisp white shirt? Chunky divers watch? Extra long black socks?

Turn off your phone and computer this weekend? Just for a day? No internet or messages? Just existing beautifully?

Stick glow in the dark stars on your ceiling like when you were a kid? Sleep under your own night’s sky all the time?

Be a bit naughty and eat something straight from it’s container? Nutella? Ice cream?

Buy very fancy hand cream? Keep it in your hand bag? Use it luxuriously every few hours?

Make your couch into bed? With blankets and pillows? Spend an afternoon watching movies?

Write all your notes in metallic ink? Sparkly pink? Icy blue?