I was walking home from a girlfriend’s house last night and I stopped at the corner shop to grab some milk. As I was walking home I realised I had achieved one of my major life goals and I hadn’t even realised it. About ten years ago, my gorgeous young aunt lived in Melbourne in Prahan. I’d come to visit her a few times a year. I’d catch the tram all the way down Swanston St, practically to St Kilda, dump my bags and spend the rest of my time in Fitzroy on Brunswick Street and Smith Street. I loved it. It fed my soul like no other place had done before. The book shops, cafes, boutiques, pubs, street art and galleries. It was like I’d come home. I’d sit on park benches and watch pale skinned, leather clad, black draped Melbourne girls walking home along Gertrude Street with shopping bags and I’d feel so jealous because they lived here. In this grungy, trendy fascinating place. They lived here. At that moment in time, that was all I wanted. To live in Fitzroy. I totally forgot that I had actively wanted that until last night when I found that I myself was a pale skinned, leather clad, black draped Melbourne girl walking home along Gertrude Street. It was a pretty cool moment.

This got me thinking about how when we achieve a dream or a goal, we promptly forget about it and move on to the next thing. Which is great. There is nothing more admirable than the pursuit of self-improvement and it’s pretty important that we don’t stunt our personal development by being too self congratulatory, but I think sometimes we need to stop and remember all the things we have achieved because they’re pretty cool. That’s what I think we should all do today. Right now. Take a moment and have a think of all the goals that you’ve achieved that you don’t really celebrate anymore. Graduating from university? Singing in a band? Running a 10 km race? It’s so weird and it’s really hard to do so like a total tosser, I’ll start. 

I’m so uber trendy. I live in Fitzroy. 

I live in Fitzroy (seriously, I’m like 80% hipster) 

At this stage in my life, I want to live in New York so badly I can taste it but the life I’m living right now as a freelance writer and blogger living in my favourite suburb in Melbourne is pretty bloody cool. 20-year-old Carly would be extremely impressed.

I’m Totally Self Sufficient 

I moved out of my parents house four years ago and I have not had to ask them for a cent. Not once. I’ve never had to have my partner pay my rent either. I’ve earned and paid my own way always and I’m pretty proud of that.


Me at age 19. Believe it or not, I’d already lost some weight at this point. 

Me at age 17… yep.

My Year 12 Formal Dress Is Too Big For Me (and I lost 10kg to get into it in the first place)

I struggle with my weight CONSTANTLY. I lost a lot of weight in my early 20s and have maintained it (within 5 kilos) for almost 9 years. I’m really hard on myself, especially if I’m at the top of my 5 kilo weight bracket (like now… thanks Depo Provera. Bastard.) but I have all the odds stacked against me (terrible metabolism, not the greatest genes) so I think I’m doing pretty well to still be maintaining a healthy size 14 weight.

I’m a Legitimate Writer

Obviously I’d love a book deal and a regular column in a women’s monthly but I’m pretty much a full-time writer these days. Awesome.

And now that I’ve had a giant public wank, it’s your turn!

What about you? What big goals have you achieved that have gotten lost in your bigger plans? Take a moment. Make a cup of tea. Sit down and tell me all about how awesome you are.