When Cool Kids Want To Play With Me… Specifically B&O.

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There are some brands out there that are so impossibly cool that I require some positive self talk before I feel that I’m ready to purchase their products. Like Apple. It took me until I was well into my 20s before I trusted myself enough to handle a Mac Air with the respect that it deserves. Same deal with my Oroton sunglasses. They were the first pair I purchased that cost more than $50 because I had to be absolutely sure that I wouldn’t leave them to melt on the dashboard of my car. There are just certain brands where the magic never wears off, even years after you’ve purchased the item.

Bang & Olufsen is one of those brands. I liken their stores to a fancy restaurant, where there’s only three mains on the menu but each is so perfect that you don’t need any other options. I’ve seriously got my geek girl jollies on that B&O wanted to work with me. It’s like all the über cool kids have invited me for Moët on their yacht and I’m trying to be really calm and ‘Whatever…‘ about it but I’m probably going to fart because I’m too excited. Their sub-brand B&O PLAY is genius because it puts their beautiful products at a far more accessible price point for people like me who’s wallets don’t stretch very far.

Last week the B&O crew sent over their Beolit 12 (RRP $990.00) portable sound system for us to play with for a few weeks so I could review it before they kicked off their competition (details below). When the package arrived I received a frantic text from my significant other saying ‘CAN I OPEN IT??????’ and by the time I got home from my meeting he had set it up shrine-like in our lounge room. The sound on this thing is insane. It’s about the size of a car battery and it fills our flat to the point that we have to yell at each other to be heard. Perfect to drown out my off-key warbling to The Phantom of The Opera. The sound quality is beautiful especially considering how small it is. We live in a smallish one bedroom flat and don’t have a huge amount of space to spare so we don’t have a stereo system at all. The Beolit 12  has been sitting on our bookshelf since it arrived and has slipped so seamlessly into our lives that I’m slightly worried for when the B&O crew come to take it away. There may be tears. There’s only about three buttons on the thing and it’s so straightforward even I know how to work it. I can even play music straight through Airplay from my phone via WiFi which means I don’t have to stand up. Always a win. If there’s one thing that B&O have nailed, it’s beautiful design. Look how pretty it is! Look!

You can also charge this little baby and you’ll be able to enjoy up to 8 hours of music play and take it on picnics with you. I thought I’d feel like a knob head listening to my swanky portable stereo system at the park but you know what? It was actually awesome. You can also play the sound from your iPad through it if you’re watching a movie. Rad.

As I mentioned before the B&O crew are running an Instagram comp where you can win one of three Beolit 12 portable sound systems. Details below.

1. Take a photograph that expresses where or how you wish to PLAY with the Beolit 12. It could be a space, area or activity, or a part of your lifestyle that you think the Beolit 12 would transform.

2. Upload the photograph on Instagram, including the following:

a. The hashtag #beoplaytime

b. description of your BEOPLAYtime: E.g. “B&O PLAY means I can have amazing music playing anywhere I choose to be, whether at home or by the sea! #beoplaytime”

Once your Instagram image is successfully uploaded with the #beoplaytime hashtag you will have been entered into the competition.

This competition is only open to Australia and New Zealand residents. Any entries from outside Australia or New Zealand will be disqualified. (T&Cs) Competition dates:  OPEN 00:00 AEST MONDAY 12 NOV  CLOSES 24:00 AEST MONDAY 26 NOV

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to book my man into therapy for his impending separation anxiety when they come to take his Beolit away. 

P.S How awesome is the Beoplay A8? It’s like music from the future.

Carly is the founding editor of Smaggle which launched in 2007 back when blogging was weird. She has appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Cosmopolitan and Cleo magazines. Hoop earrings are totally her thing and she almost got run over by Myf Warhurst while out jogging one day.

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  1. Fifi 4 years ago

    I WANT one. Also, when I saw the title for this post, for a moment I thought you had been invited to write for a cruise company…

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