I’m trying to be careful not to bombard you guys with everything all at once because it must be a major culture shock to go from my regular Why Don’t You? posts to hardcore World Vision India stuff. It’s kind of like sprinkling salt on your cereal instead of sugar and then getting a mouthful of something you weren’t expecting. I totally get that and I love you all for being so beautiful and supportive. 

In the afternoon of our third day we visited another slum. We were greeted by a group of smirky teenagers, one of which was standing there lighting matches and throwing them inches from our car. Despite the fact that I was a visitor in his community and that this boy lives in a slum and has been through things that I can only imagine, I couldn’t stop my brain from thinking ‘You cockhead‘. I felt terrible but then I thought a) he can’t read my brain and I didn’t say it out loud and b) he was being a dick. I don’t care if you’re poor, or rich, or Indian, or Australian or the freakin’ Prime Minister. There’s no need to be a dick. 

 I was elated to meet this beautiful family. This woman has five children, two of which are sponsor children. Her beautiful son is just 21 years old and has been supporting his family by working since he was about 10 years old. His father is an alcoholic who left the family to fend for themselves. This boy is so wise, I could feel it just by looking at him.

I took his photo and even though we don’t speak the same language, I pulled a silly face to get him to relax. He has such a beautiful smile.

These are his sisters showing Joy their girls club book.

They have a club that addresses hygiene issues for women in their community. Don’t you love the name of their club?

This is Ashish.

He’s one of the World Vision correspondents. The community told us how he gets letters from their sponsors and comes to the village to translate them. He then patiently sits with the families as they dictate a reply and then he types the letter into English and sends it back to the sponsor. Can I get collective lady swoon for Ashish? What a gorgeous guy. He totally winked at me. Don’t pretend you aren’t jealous. 

That night we ate a quick dinner in the hotel restaurant (seriously over curry right now), had a cold shower and hopped into bed for a 4.30am start in the next morning.

This experience is extraordinary and I’m so privileged to be here… but it’s certainly not a holiday.

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