Go market shopping? Buy the most beautiful fresh seasonal produce you can get? Challenge yourself to make a meal using only your purchases from that day?

Wear pink? Sunglasses? Shoes? Bright lippie?

Keep a travel sized atomizer of your signature fragrance in your desk drawer? Reapply after lunch?

Spend an afternoon making friendship bracelets? Give them to all your friends?

Wear fresh flowers? Tucked in your hair? Pinned to your dress?

Carry a tiny thermos of herbal tea in your handbag? White tea and rose? Jasmine and spearmint? Chamomile and lavender?

Take notes with a good old-fashioned pencil? With an eraser on top? On a yellow legal pad?

Pack your lunch in a brown paper bag? A sandwich, an apple and a tiny packet of crisps?

Wear outrageous socks under your boots? Cow spots? Stripes?

Rub cuticle oil into your nails morning and night? And never have to trim them?