Oh Yeah

* Hiring cars! The thought of driving for 7 hours for the tenth time this year to visit my family for the Christmas holidays made me very stabby. So I treated myself and flew there and hired a car at the other end. I’m so freaking jet set right now. 

* Looking forward to Cell Block 69 this weekend. It’s my end of year tradition and always marks the start of my holidays!

* Painting my nieces nails and then her painting mine. Well more like my fingers… and my hands… and Nan’s coffee table.

* This dress shop that my friend’s sister told me about. I want one of these and one these and one of these please.

* Seeing my crew on stage together again in a whacky Christmas pantomime. Awesome.

* JB Smoove. Freaking. Hilarious. We saw his live show last week and my face almost broke. What I loved the most was that he used audience involvement but he wasn’t unkind. So many comedians are lazy and resort to paying out their audience for cheap laughs but JB was really positive. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

* One of my Facebook statuses getting liked over 2000 times. It was actually kind of scary but still really cool. Also read the comments. There are some nutty little nut bars out there on the interwebs.

* Meeting a long time reader who encouraged me to start outfit posts again. I actually stopped simply because I felt like the net was over saturated with outfit shots and that no one really liked them. I’m going to commit to more outfit shots in 2013… but with a twist!

* Hitting the white wine with my mate and singing the full score to Les Mis at midnight on a Sunday. Totally irresponsible. Totally amazing.

* Beautiful Turkish feasts with delicious red wine.

* My nieces beautiful manners.Thank you so much for my stickers Carly!‘. She’s two and she out-polites most adults I know.

* Helga’s Sandwich Thins. I love them with philly cheese and tomato! Scrummy!

Hell No

* Hidden charges that occur when hiring cars. Admin fee? Just include it in the full cost of the car hire. I obviously can’t hire the car to myself. Morons.

* Bad car karma. I’ve had someone smash my side mirror, crash into my car WHILE I WAS SITTING IN IT and also a douchebag smashed my window and stole loose change from my car. Grrrr!

What about you lovely? What are your Oh Yeahs and Hell Nos of the week?