I have had a few readers email me and come up to me on the street and (nicely) give me beef for not being more regular with my outfit shots. Honestly? I just get bored of doing them but I know you guys like em’ so here you go you little cuties!

Australis Brights Nail Polish in Show Off *

Rimmel Primer, L’Oreal Nude Magique* (this stuff is so cool, it comes out of the tube purple and adjusts to your skin tone.), Cinema Secrets Translucent Powder (if you don’t own transculent powder go buy some. Go! And while you’re at it, get yourself a delicious big powder brush to puff it on your face like a movie star!)

Stila In The Know Make Up Palette (my lady friends bought this for me for my birthday last year and I love it! Gorgeous nudes and purples), Lakme Kajal (eyeliner specifically for waterlining that I bought in India), Body Shop Brow Kit in Brunette (don’t use the brush that comes with it though, it’s a bit lame), Maybeline Great Lash Mascara (to separate lashes) and L’Oreal The Falsies Mascara (to thicken lashes).

Wiggle Dress from Asos (I have this exact style in three different colours now. Addict.) – Shoes from Whittner (on their last legs but they are SO COMFORTABLE!)

My latest little toy  - a Bobble water bottle from the Office Works down the road. I got given a Bobble filter bottle last year in a swag bag and I HATED it because I like to really guzzle my water and the filter just slowed me down. I’m loving this one though – I pack it with ice and chilled strawberry infused tea. So refreshing!

This outfit was worn for a very steamy walk to the post office and for being very still in front of the fan. It’s freakin’ hot! 

Items marked with an asterisk* were sent to me for editorial consideration. The other stuff I stole… just kidding. I bought it… or did I???