Why Don’t You…?

Wear nail polish? All the time? Never show a nude nail?

Wear an eye mask to bed? Silk? Egyptian cotton? Sleep like a true diva?

Dine in the same restaurant every Thursday evening? Have a standard booking with a regular table?

Collect something? Italian Vogue magazines? Bakelite brooches? Milk glass vases?

Create an extraordinary hair-do and make it your signature? A bee-hive? A fuschia pink dye job? A dead straight Cabaret style bob?

Be fastidious about oral hygiene? Brush, floss and gargle with mouth wash twice daily? Carry a tiny dental kit in your handbag?

Have a glass of champagne with lunch?

Find the most beautiful thing about every person you meet and compliment them sincerely? Do this every day?

Have a gemstone talisman? Citrine for luck and protection? Garnet for love?


Carly is the founding editor of Smaggle which launched in 2007 back when blogging was weird. She has appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Cosmopolitan and Cleo magazines. Hoop earrings are totally her thing and she almost got run over by Myf Warhurst while out jogging one day.

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  1. Natalie Mulford 3 years ago

    I had to laugh while talking to my Uncle the other week, he has a few restaurants he visits on a scheduled basis, and stated that he was sick, but was still heading out to dinner because it was easier to go then to explain why he wasn’t there. 😛

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