Wear nail polish? All the time? Never show a nude nail?

Wear an eye mask to bed? Silk? Egyptian cotton? Sleep like a true diva?

Dine in the same restaurant every Thursday evening? Have a standard booking with a regular table?

Collect something? Italian Vogue magazines? Bakelite brooches? Milk glass vases?

Create an extraordinary hair-do and make it your signature? A bee-hive? A fuschia pink dye job? A dead straight Cabaret style bob?

Be fastidious about oral hygiene? Brush, floss and gargle with mouth wash twice daily? Carry a tiny dental kit in your handbag?

Have a glass of champagne with lunch?

Find the most beautiful thing about every person you meet and compliment them sincerely? Do this every day?

Have a gemstone talisman? Citrine for luck and protection? Garnet for love?