Oh Yeah

* Our little cat friend Twiggy from next door who comes to visit. I think Mr Smaggle is in love.

* Making homemade affogatos with espresso, wafer sticks, decadent vanilla ice cream Grand Marnier.

* Downton Abbey. I could listen to Maggie Smith’s quippy one liners all day.

* Sending packages in brown paper envelopes decorated with washi tape.

* Finding my favourite NARS blush when I thought I’d lost it on a plane.

* Being on a major Mexican food bender and making delicious, healthy taco salads.

* Heading out of town at the end of January for a Hen’s Night. Can’t wait.

* Having one delicious cool day this week where I got to wear boots. BOOTS! WITH AWESOME SOCKS!

* Talking about travel this year. No plans in concrete just yet but I love the thought of adding a few stamps to my passport!

* The gorgeous Japanese barrister at my local coffee place who has the most beautiful tattoos on her arms. They are like magical little illustrations that someone scrawled on her with coloured pens.

* Watching Mr Smaggle watch The Ministry of Silly Walks for the first time ever. How he has never seen it is beyond me but it was delightful seeing him laugh until he couldn’t breathe.

* Bill Cunningham New York. A beautiful film. 

* Booking in play dates with my niece. She’s so good for my soul.

* Hearing rumours of a hairdresser just down the road from me who’s obsessed with (and apparently amazing at!) cutting curly hair. Stay tuned. My favourite hairdresser nicked off to Berlin so as you can imagine I’m very excited!

Hell No

* Summer. I’m such a winter baby, I just don’t function if it’s over 22 degrees.

* My local post office. I don’t even want to talk about it.

* Jenna Marbles and MaxNoSleeves breaking up. I’m devo dudes.

What’s floating your boat and pressing your buttons this week possum?