I’m giving you guys a little heads up that I have a sponsored post coming in the next few days that’s in collaboration with Samsung. I wanted to tell a little story about how I came to be involved in this campaign. I was in India when I received the pitch and I was really struggling with whether or not I should sign on for it. Simply because I’m an Apple Whore of the first order and Mr Smaggle makes iPhone apps for a living. I wasn’t sure that I was in a position to be able to objectively write about a competing brand when I live in a house that hero worships Steve Jobs. Then I thought that my favourite things aren’t everyone’s favourite things. I can’t stand it when people are really pig-headed about something they believe in without having all the facts. I’ll admit that I spout the word of the iPhone ad nauseam and I’ve never even held an android smart phone. That’s like saying that vanilla is your favourite ice cream flavour when you’ve never tried chocolate. I was like Natalie Imbrulia. Torn. So I went for a walk with Misho in Bilaspur and I was saying to him ‘I just need a sign as to whether or not I should do the post.‘ And guess what I found? BOOM! The world is freaking weird sometimes. 

I don’t feel like I need to explain myself to my readers because I’m extremely transparent and you guys are extremely cluey. I label every sponsored post and I always disclose gifted items. I’ve also never put a product on Smaggle that I didn’t think was suitable and I constantly turn down campaigns that won’t work. You guys are supremely awesome and I’ve received little to no negative feedback on any of my sponsored content so this post isn’t even in response to anything. I just wanted to let you guys know that’s where I stand and that I don’t take this business lightly. I make informed and thoughtful decisions about everything that I put before your eyes because you’re all so switched on that you can sniff bullshit through the screen. Don’t think I don’t know that about you guys.

I will never advertise something that doesn’t fit with Smaggle. I will never say something is good when it’s crap. I will never pretend that I bought something when I got it for free. I will never let anyone tell me what to write. I will never give you up. I will never let you down. I will never run around or desert you. I will never make you cry… never say goodbye. Never tell a lie or hurt you.

Have fun singing that in your head for the rest of the day.