Buy a fancy soft drink to have with your lunch? Blood orange? Lemon and mint? Drink it through a straw?

Make a walking date every evening with a friend? Ban your mobile phones? Spend 20 minutes outside, undistracted, strolling and chatting?

Write a letter to your favourite high school teacher?

Re-read your favourite childhood books? Came Back to Show You I Could Fly? Sweet Valley High? Puberty Blues?

Grab a blanket, some pillows and an esky full of treats? Prop your laptop up in the park and have a personal outdoor cinema?

Learn a trick? Master juggling? Practice spinning a basketball on your finger? Always have a cool move to bust out at parties?

Go to a pet shop and visit the puppies?

Hide a sweet note on the street for a stanger to find? Slip it into a door way? Tuck it under the windscreen wiper on a car?

Have one Screen Free day this weekend? No computer, TV or movies? Just books, company and conversation?

Go to the beach and write your name in the sand?


What are your plans for this delicious weekend?