I very rarely talk about anything extremely niche like this but my Twitter and Facebook friends would know that I’m a bit nutty about Les Mis the musical. I’ve seen many different productions of it including professional, amateur, West End and Broadway. I played a prostitute (although NOT a Lovely Lady – why the director would cast me as a prostitute in Les Mis and not put me in Lovely Ladies is something I will never understand) in a massive production of Les Mis in a 1200 seat theatre for a month when I was 21. The cast and the orchestra were extraordinary and in between my scenes I’d just sit in the pit and have professional musicians and singers imprint this extraordinary musical permanently into my brain. I own and can sing every word on the entire symphonic recording. I’ve had a few readers ask what I thought of the movie so I put together a little vlog.


There’s a spoiler in there, I say f*ck pretty loudly and you probably won’t understand this vlog unless you can sing a solo duet with yourself playing both Valjean and Javert. Enjoy.

Have you seen Les Mis? What did you think? Are you a die hard fan? Or did you just go along because it’s a big Hollywood release?