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You know that old cliché that women love to talk about their vaginas? Well… it probably has more truth in it than we ladies would like to admit. One of my most commented upon posts ever was when I ask Have You Ever Had a Brazilian Wax? and I received 112 answers on the post and 123 people participated in the survey. This got me thinking that there has to be women out there that have never had a personal wax of any description and that they might like some info on what to expect and how to behave.

Don’t Be Embarrassed

Beauty therapists have seen it all. IT. ALL. More than you will ever know. I used to be petrified that all beauty therapists were running home every night and telling everyone they knew about the weird vag they saw at work but trust me, this is a myth. I once met a beautician and she said she can’t really talk about weird vaginas because there just aren’t any ‘normal’ ones. She said they’re all totally different so it’s not really interesting to talk about.

Listen to the Beauty Therapist

Most people get anxious at the beauticians because they’re not sure what to do, when to turn, how to lie on the table. If your beauty therapist is good,  you should always know where you’re supposed to be. 

Just Ask

If you’re not sure what you’re supposed to do with the towel/paper underwear/facial wipes then ask! It’s the therapists job to make you feel comfortable and if you’ve never been to get a wax before it can be really confusing. The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask. 

Seriously… Don’t be Embarrassed

If you want someone to wax your hoo-ha they’re going to have to see it… and touch it. Also if they’re going to do a good job they’re going to ask you to put yourself in extremely unflattering positions… while naked from the waist down. It’s not for the faint hearted. Just take a deep breath and let it all hang out. It’s really hard for a therapist to wax your privates if you’re all snapped up like a Venus fly trap.

Speak Up

You shouldn’t have any residue left anywhere, you absolutely should not be bruised or burnt, all the hair should be gone and you should be leaving feeling delicious. If there’s any thing wrong you MUST speak up. I recently volunteered as a model for a waxing student at my local salon and the owner of the joint was saying how important it is that customers speak up in the waxing industry because everything happens behind closed doors, so there’s no way to employ any quality control. That’s why customer feedback is so important. It’s not bitchy, I promise. A therapist will only know that they’re hurting you if you tell them.

It’s Okay if You’ve Got Your Period

I once booked in for a bikini wax and my period (which usually takes its sweet arse time in coming) decided to march into town with a friggin’ brass band completely unexpectedly. I was mortified and dropped in to cancel the appointment. The beautician sensed what was going on and told me to get over myself, wear a tampon and that she’d go out of business if she stopped waxing every time a woman got her period. Bottom line? If you’re okay with it, they’ll be okay with it. If you’re really uncomfortable then cancel but don’t do it on behalf of the beautician. She’s really, really fine with it. Just be respectful and make sure you’re all clean down there.

I also wanted to give a shout out to my Melbourne ladies if they’re looking for an awesome salon. I go to Brazilica on Smith Street and they rock. They only do waxing so they’re really, really good at. The therapists are highly trained, really professional and really quick but also very thorough. I can’t stand salons with dim lights and romantic music. I’m there to have the therapist rip out my body hair, not seduce me. Brazilica is just a no-nonsense, non-bullshit, awesomely priced salon. Love it. This is not a sponsored post and I didn’t receive anything for editorial consideration. Occasionally I get a free Brazilian wax when they’re training students but all regular customers get that. 

What are your tips for getting waxed? Any horror stories to share? How do you feel about getting waxed when you have your period?