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The peeps at Samsung have lent me a Galaxy Note II to take for a whirl and let you guys know what I think. We all know I love my iPhone but I’m more than willing to admit that I’ve never even held an android smart phone. So I’m basically like one of those people who goes to a restaurant, orders a meal, enjoys it and THEN NEVER ORDERS SOMETHING DIFFERENT EVER FOR THE REST OF TIME. I thought I was due to try something a little different. The crew at Samsung asked me to do a little diary of my life for them so here’s a break down of a typical day in the life of Smaggle. Using the Samsung Galaxy to do all the things on the interwebs.


Wake up. Turn off Mr Smaggle’s alarm for the 400th time. Check emails, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while still in bed. Yes it’s a disgusting habit and yes I wish I could say that I do ten sun salutations but email is my crack and I need a hit first thing in the morning. Also only one of my eyes works for at least for the first hour after I wake up so it’s a good time to let my sight slowly kick back in.

8.30 am

Do some kind of fitness like go for a run or have a Lounge Room Disco with the Kinect. Then I have a banana smoothie.


Have a shower and get ready… I usually sing a few songs from JC Superstar or RENT but I’m having a Wilson Phillips moment right now.

 ‘I know that there is pain… but you hold on for one more day and YOU BREAK FREE FROM THE CHAY-AINS!’

10am to 1pm

Have a coffee, reply to emails. Tweet all the things. Facebook the people. Send text messages, make phone calls. I like to get all my secretarial stuff out of the way before lunch.


Make or buy lunch. Instagram lunch. Eat lunch.

What you think is happening when a blogger eats lunch.

What’s really happening when a blogger eats lunch.

1.30pm to 4pm

Walk to my favourite cafe to work for the afternoon. Bat eyelashes at the kitchen staff so they let me have fruit salad even though it’s only on the breakfast menu that finishes at 11am. Succeed. Drink tea. Write blog content, sponsored posts, do client work. Block my computer from accessing my email so I can concentrate. Check email on my phone. Fail.


Walk home. Nearly get hit by a car because I was Tweet-Walking. Stop at the post office. Get frustrated at the people who work at the post office who seem to have no clue as to why they’re there.


4.30pm to 6pm

Dick around. Watch some shitty TV. Read things on the interwebs. Annoy Mr Smaggle. Have a cup of tea. Instagram my cup of tea. I’m totally useless at this time of day so I don’t even try.

Oh stop it Ryan Gosling! 

6pm to 8pm

Walk to the shops with Mr Smaggle to get stuff for dinner. Make dinner. Instagram dinner. Eat dinner.

8pm to Midnight

Write blog content, sponsored posts, do client work.


Go to bed and tweet people for absolutely no reason at all.


So what did I think of the Samsung Galaxy Note II?


* Beautiful display. Very crisp and very tactile. Especially when typing.

* It has a cool little program called Paper Artist where it turns photographs into art work. I wasted a lot of time playing with this.

* It’s very light which is surprising because it’s one of the larger smartphones on the market.

* When you unlock the screen it makes a delicious water puddle noise. I know that sounds lame but I thoroughly enjoyed it every time I unlocked the phone.

* It’s really, really easy to set up. I usually require adult supervision for anything involving gadgetry but I literally set this up while I was walking into the city. Easy as pie.

* The front camera (for selfies) is really clear and crisp and the big screen is just beautiful for editing on.

* Great for people with poor eyesight because the display is huge.

* S Pen and S Note are awesome. You can do advanced editing of almost anything right on your phone.

* The S Pen in general because you can write things on your calendar instead of having to type them in. You can draw things on people’s faces in photos too which is endlessly hilarious.


* It’s a little bit too big for my tiny lady hobbit hands. If you have normal sized hands it’s probably okay but I have difficulty operating it with one hand.

* It doesn’t like my face. I have several friends with Samsungs and their’s aren’t anywhere near as grubby as I managed to make this one in just two days. Maybe I have weird face juice or something but I was constantly rubbing it on my clothes to make it less smeary.

* It’s pretty hard to get the sim card out. Just a warning if you’re a spy or something and need to change sim cards in an emergency.

Tell me about your typical day? What do you do first thing in the morning? And last thing at night?