Have a party free weekend? Meet your girlfriends for brunch instead of cocktails? Have a movie night on the couch instead of going to a bar?

Wear individual false eyelashes for one day this week? See if anyone notices?

Challenge yourself to get ready in the time it takes to listen to one song? Play it loud? Sing along? Hurry to finish before it ends?

Drive to another suburb to do your weekly grocery shopping? Buy a takeaway coffee and browse in the fancy organic stores?

Commit to one colour of nail polish for a full month? Let it be your signature? Blood red? Glitter gold? Ballerina pink?

Have an easy dinner tonight? Baked beans on toast? Hot dogs? Toasted sandwiches?

Go crazy with two-tone metals? Wear all your gold jewellery on the right side of your body and all your silver jewellery on the left?

Start each morning with a smile? Even if you don’t feel like it? Just to kick start your day in a positive way?

Buy yourself a new bra? Or some sexy jocks for those male readers?

Order your morning coffee iced for a change? With a squirt of hazelnut syrup?