A few months ago Mr Smaggle and I were at a family wedding. Much to my delight the bride and groom bypassed traditional cake and went with a profiterole croquembouche*. It was like a party in my mouth that only really cool people were invited to. Mr Smaggle watched me eat it and then asked me the most heart breaking question in the world. What does profiterole taste like???‘. 

My boyfriend makes me sad. 

Anyway we’re massive fans of the Macro Gluten Free brand in this house and we’ve trialed the Gluten Free Donuts (AMAZING!) and the Gluten Free Crumpets (A bit weird but still okay…) and after Mr Smaggle’s pathetic little pity party at the wedding I decided to give the profiterole mix a crack.

I made the mistake of buying the mix before I could read the instructions. For starters, you have to use electric beaters and that’s an activity that I avoid like warm patches in a swimming pool. Not only that, you use them twice so you have to wash them up in between. Double fail. There’s also a weird bit at the beginning where you have to melt butter and water together and it feels so wrong but then everything turns out okay. It’s kind of like puberty. 

Final result? Amazing. They’re light and fluffy and taste like golden rainbows kissed them. They’re pretty bloody good and despite needing a double poke with electric beaters they’re really easy to make.

Have you ever had gluten free profiteroles? Do you have any recipe you’d like to share?

* I don’t want to brag here but I totally spelled ‘croquembouche’ WITHOUT GOOGLING IT!!!!! It just came out of my brain like that. Magical.

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P.P.S Oh and this is not a sponsored post and I was not gifted anything from Macro.