Oh Yeah!

* French bulldogs. They are the most ridiculous looking dogs. They make me so happy. They’re the perfect mix of bullshit cute and perpetually grumpy. Love.

* Doing a massive clean out of our little house. It’s like a hotel room. I’m almost afraid to live in it now.

* Little kids twitching involuntarily to music.

* Homemade pancakes for lunch on the weekend.

* The picture I have of my niece on my phone wallpaper. She’s wearing my hat upside down and laughing like it’s the funniest shit in the world. She’s a comic genius this kid.

* Really awesome whistlers. I was in a shop yesterday and this guy was so skilled it sounded like he was harmonizing with himself. Awesome.

* Dirty Dancing being on TV. I’ve seen it easily 50 times and I own it on DVD but catching it on TV is always that bit extra special.

* Making Fat Mum Slim’s Snickers layer cake that she made for Zoe Foster’s wedding. It. Was. Amazing. This cake will ruin any diet you’re on or any diet you’ve ever been on. That liver cleanse you did in 2001? Yep. This cake just annihilated it. Totally worth it though.

* Mr Smaggle talking in his sleep. ‘DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM!!!!!’. I’m not even kidding. He actually said that. What a weirdo.

Hell No!

* Being on hold. RAGE!

* Our little cat friend from next door not visiting anymore. Mr Smaggle is devastated.

What are your oh yes and hell no moments from the week?