At Problogger last year I was having a chat with my girl Christina from Hair Romance and she was telling me that her favourite method of procrastinating is Procrastineating. Don’t want to write that report? Cake! Can’t face your inbox? Chips! I knew exactly what she was talking about.

Since then I’ve been quizzing my friends on their favourite ways to procrastinate. Here’s the list thus far.


Telling yourself that you’ll tackle your inbox right after you’ve eaten this sandwich.


Deciding you absolutely HAVE TO MAKE COOKIES RIGHT THIS SECOND when you have 3 deadlines the next day. This one often goes hand in hand with procrastineating.


Doing something lame like taking a cup to the sink instead of cleaning the toilet. This form of procrastinating usually happens when the procrasticleaner is avoiding cleaning something else.


When someone avoids completing a task by busying themselves with… themselves.


When you sit on the couch NOT grocery shopping and tweeting about how you aren’t grocery shopping and should be grocery shopping. LOL.


Sitting in the change room at the gym for 15 minutes liking everyone’s heavily Hefe-ed lunch pictures.


Just ‘checking’ Facebook before starting your next task and spending the next two hours trying to figure out if that girl you went to high school with had a boob job or not.


Telling yourself that you’ll totally start on that article after you’ve mastered single false lash application.

Personally I’m a huge procrastibaker and procrastibooker.

What’s your most favourite method of procrastinating? Can you add any to the list?