You know the ones I’m talking about. You wake up in the morning and smash your thigh into the end of your bed. The milk comes crashing out of the fridge and spills all over the floor. You’re 15 minutes late from cleaning up the spill. Everything fell into a quivering mess because you dared to take the day off the day before. You spend all day correcting mistakes, putting out fires and cajoling people. Finally you pick up your keys, get ready to head out the door. You feel headachey, tired, upset and low. You want to drown yourself in gin/wine/bourbon/chocolate (choose your poison). STOP. HAMMER TIME… or rather… keep reading.


A large percentage of headaches are caused by dehydration. Chug back a litre of water and let it settle. A FULL LITRE. Don’t get soft on me now.

Regulate Your Body Temperature

If it’s summer where you are drink a huge glass of iced water and lie very still near a fan. If it’s snowing have a hot bath and put on deliciously warm tracksuit pants. I swear that 90% of my irritation at any given time is due to being uncomfortably hot or cold.

Eat Green Things

Pizza, wine, beer, chips – they’re all a great idea in theory. In practice, they’ll make you feel even worse. Make yourself a leafy salad or a yummy green based soup. Future you will thank me, I promise.


I know you want to crawl into a ball and sleep until tomorrow but stand up my petal. Put your walking shoes on. Get outside. Breathe some fresh air. Clear your head. Leave your phone at home. Don’t return for at least 20 minutes.

Let It Go

Tomorrow is another day. Think of it this way – can you remember the last time you had a day that was this bad (barring actual tragedies)? No? I guarantee this day won’t even be on your radar this coming Saturday night. Time heals all wounds. Especially shitty day wounds.


Only move onto this step once you have completed all of the above. Read a magazine. Watch your favourite TV show. Paint your nails. Put a treatment in your hair. Have  ONE glass of wine with a friend.

What are your favourite ways to get over a bad day?

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