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Brew yourself an espresso before you go to bed? Chill it over night? Pop it in the  blender with a dash of milk and ice? A tiny splash of chocolate sauce? Have a homemade mocha frappucino to kick-start your morning?

Knit? A chunky scarf? Some mis-matched socks? A delicious throw rug?

Blow up a balloon? In your office? See how long you and work colleagues can keep it air born?

Wrap up all your presents in pages torn from an old atlas? Botany books? Vintage Vogues?

Air pop your own popcorn for a healthy snack? Make your own fancy flavours? Chilli lime? Garlic? Chicken salt?

Watch all your favourite 90s teen movies? She’s All That? Can’t Hardly Wait? Clueless?

Decant your shower products into pretty mason jars? Write labels on them with gorgeous glass pens?

Instead of running errands in your lunch break, have a nap? Under a tree? In your car? Properly recharge for the afternoon?

Book a weekend away for this time next year? And the next year? And the next year? So you always have something lovely to look forward to?

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