How To Ruin A Beautiful Love Song By Singing It In A Cartman Voice.

A few weeks ago I asked my beautiful readers on Facebook to share with me their favourite love songs. I’m really sorry for what you’re about to see.

Seriously though if you want me to ruin more of your favourite things subscribe to my channel… like me on Facebook… follow me on Twitter… I WILL RUIN ALL THE THINGS!!!!!

Also please let me know if there’s anything you’re curious about and I’ll answer it in a vlog. In fact, ask me any silly questions you can think of and I’ll answer THEM ALL IN A VLOG!

Carly is the founding editor of Smaggle which launched in 2007 back when blogging was weird. She has appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Cosmopolitan and Cleo magazines. Hoop earrings are totally her thing and she almost got run over by Myf Warhurst while out jogging one day.


  1. Tara 3 years ago

    Love it! Still didn’t ruin Dirty Dancing for me though. I want more vlogs about 90s stuff. Your post about things you learned from Full House was so funny.

    • Author
      Smaggle 3 years ago

      Done. I have a great one coming up that you’ll love. 🙂

  2. Nicole 3 years ago

    THIS. is exactly what I needed right now. Thank you so, so much.

    • Author
      Smaggle 3 years ago

      Ha! You’re welcome! I’m never sure if people actually enjoy these or if I’m just being a dick. 🙂

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