Have a hot chocolate instead of your usual afternoon latte? Two marshmallows? One pink, one white?

Wear a leopard print scarf? Looped through your denim jeans as a belt? Wrapped around your head in a turban? Tied to your leather shoulder bag?

Have an artistic friend ink a beautiful design on your skin for a special occasion? A silver feather just below your shoulder? Worn with a backless dress?

Go horse riding? Go karting? Paint balling? Anything that would have delighted you as a kid?

Make your food fun? Cut your sandwich into a heart shape with a cookie cutter? Add a decorative toothpick to a plate of olives?

Evoke a little Dorothy into your day? Paint your toenails bright sparkly red? All winter long?

Have snacky left overs for dinner tonight? A boiled egg? Some carrot sticks? A few slices of cold turkey? A handful of potato chips?

Save some cash and just go out for dessert? Eat dinner at home and splash out on a fancy slice of sticky date pudding? Donuts? Crepes?

Volunteer one evening a week? Walking dogs for the RSPCA? Collecting tickets for your local amateur theatre company?

Sneak into bed after work for a quick power nap? Nude?