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Why don’t you…?

See a play? Instead of your usual Friday night movie? Get all dolled up? Have a glass of wine and a sweet treat at interval?

Eat things on toast? Tomato? Ham? Avocado? Nutella?

Start signing your name with a tiny personalised doodle? A little heart? A dandelion? Little bird feet prints?

Have lunch at a pub? Have a pint and pie?

Keep a wooden chest of delicious cushions and blankets at home? Offer them to guests to make their visit more comfortable?

Eat eggs? Boiled as a snack? Poached on toast? With lashings of tomato sauce on a homemade burger?

Play computer games? Crack open a beer and chill out for a few hours playing Mario Kart with friends?

Wear two chunky scarves at once? Pink and blue? Stripes and spots?

Take a small house plant for the hostess next time you’re invited for dinner? Tuck a sweet thank you card in it’s branches?

Grab a stack of plain note cards and a permanent marker? Write some inspirational quotes? Slip them into letter boxes or under random doors on your way to work?