* Dress from Marrimeko in New York * Tights from Big W * Boots from Frye’s on Amazon * Wrap Cardigan from Metalicus * Scarf from India * Earrings from India * Bag from The Mercurialist * Coat from Sportscraft *

Secret Ingredients

Use Contrast to Make A Monochrome Palette Less Dull

I’m a touch scared of wearing colours for some reason so I have to be extra careful to include some high contrast patterns in my black, white and grey dominated wardrobe to stop myself looking like I’m constantly in mourning. Marrimekko patterns are ideal. Beautifully designed and very versatile.

Get Out Of Your Plain Black Opaques Rut

Confession. I have about ten pairs of plain black opaque tights. Cannot get enough of them. However they can get boring day after day, especially in Melboure where we have long winters. Mix it up a bit with cut out black tights, fish nets, lace, zippers or studs. It will add a little something special to a very common basic. These peep hole tights are so comfortable and add an extra dimension to the outfit that plain opaque would not have.

If You Struggle To Wear Colour, Start Slow

I’m trying to add more colour to my wardrobe but instead of marching out of the house in a bright red three-piece suit, I’ve simply started to add subdued tones of colours like blue and green to my outfits. It’s the perfect segue into more colourful dressing.

This outfit was worn for a lunch meeting, coffee and writing.