* Skirt from Bardot * Singlet top from Supre (I love them, they’re extra long to suit my long torso) * Wrap cardigan from Metalicus * Mr Smaggle’s socks * Boots from Redpaths in Canberra * Toe rings worn as knuckle rings from India * Delhi Metro token necklace * Earrings from India * Sunglasses are Fiorelli from Myer *

I have the most hilarious story to tell you about this skirt. I was at Bondi Junction with my friend and spied a black and white striped version of this skirt in the window. I loved it and went to buy it but when I got to the counter I couldn’t tell if the dark stripes in the skirt where black or navy. So my friend and I had a conversation with the shop assistant about this and all three of us decided that the stripes were black. I then went to pay and had a very strange conversation that went like this.

Shop Assistant – ‘I LOVE this skirt! I have it in black!’

Me – ‘Um… didn’t we decide this skirt IS black?

Shop assistant puts her hand on the skirt and speaks very slowly.

Shop Assistant -This skirt…pause… is striped.

Giggle worthy miscommunications are my favourite thing… and needless to say the temptation of a solid black version of the skirt proved to be too strong for this Melbourne gal. The striped one ended up back on the shelf.

When I went to India with World Vision last year, I bought six decomissioned Delhi metro tokens. I then sent them off to Vietnam with Mama Smaggle and she had them made into pendants as little gifts for the group that I travelled with. I love this necklace, it’s so special to me and always reminds of the time I spent in beautiful North India with a wonderful group of people who became my family for those two weeks.

This outfit was worn for writing, coffee drinking, rehearsing and a sneaky dinner with some cool cats I work with. Smoked salmon pizza, red wine and polenta chips at Mess Hall. So good.

What are you wearing today? And what are you doing while you wear it?